Ethical Trade

Supply Chain Social Compliance – Summary

The Trutex supply chain including our fabric suppliers are audited annually to international standards. This ensures that your school is being supplied Garments which are produced by companies which adhere to internationally recognised standards for environmental and social responsibility. 

Issues such as child labour, discrimination and a safe working environment as well as fair rates of pay are of real importance to Trutex. Dealing with fabric mills and garment makers who comply in all of these areas comes at a cost and restricts the number of suppliers we are able to use, however, we believe it is a cost that is not only justified but absolutely essential.

Who are SEDEX ?

SEDEX is the worlds most recognised compliance membership organisation with more than 23,000 members in more than 150 countries.

What is SMETA ?

SMETA is an audit standard or format which SEDEX members must comply with to gain SEDEX membership.

What is Social Compliance ? 

Social Compliance is the core value in our suppliers and our own organisation that is demonstrated by our membership of SEDEX and our willingness to engage in 3rd Party Audits of our manufacturing businesses, to ensure we operate in a socially responsible manner.

The development and maintenance of a Socially Compliant factory that operates within regionally accepted Social Standards comes at a significant cost. This process and expense is voluntarily entered into because we believe it is the right thing to do for the people who work in our business, and for our customers.

Trutex is extremely proud to have SEDEX membership of both our owned and operated factories, in Vietnam and Sri-Lanka.

Trutex is committed to maintaining a supply chain of garment and fabric suppliers that comply or exceed the Tier-2 SMETA requirements.